Electric vehicle charging company BP Chargemaster claims it is now the most-used public charging infrastructure operator in the ‎UK.

It has revealed that the public charging points it operates in the UK are regularly ‎supplying more than 60 MWh (60,000 kWh) of energy per day, equating to around 1.5 ‎million miles per week of driving by electric cars. ‎

David Newton, COO of BP Chargemaster, said: “Powering around 1.5 million electric ‎miles a week makes us the most-used public charging infrastructure operator in the ‎UK and we are proud to serve thousands of electric vehicle drivers every day.‎

‎“We have seen incredible growth in the utilisation of our public charging network ‎over the past 12 months, with both the number of charging sessions and number of ‎users more than doubling, and the amount of energy supplied almost tripling. This ‎reflects the larger batteries and the longer distances being driven by the latest electric ‎vehicles.”‎

BP Chargemaster’ Polar ‎network has about 7,000 publically available charging points, including ultra-fast 150kW chargers on BP forecourts.

BP’s first 150kW forecourts are already live in London and Essex, with other ‎installations in England and Wales going live imminently, and the first sites in ‎Scotland due before the end of the year.

The company says it is ‎committed to developing the largest ultra-fast public charging network in the UK. ‎This is helping to accelerate the adoption of EVs, by making electric vehicle charging ‎fast, convenient and hassle-free.‎

The latest rapid and ultra-fast chargers on the Polar network have ‎contactless payment terminals for ease of use, with existing rapid chargers being retrofitted with the ‎technology by the middle of next year.‎