BP is claiming a world first with a trial for self- checkout tills which handle both food and fuel.

After just four months of development and testing, in partnership with NCR, it has begun the first pilot of self-checkout (SCO) tills in the UK, opening initially in three sites: Bedford, Nodeway (Hertfordshire) and Orsett South (Essex).

The company said speed of payment and lengthy queues have been long standing pain-points within its sites, mainly due to the different journeys its customers make, and it sees SCO as a way of making journeys quicker.

Although SCO tills are a regular feature in other retail sectors, BP said they aren’t common within the fuel sector. Some independent dealers are implementing self-serve checkouts but only for shop goods.

Store manager Mark Glanville commented: "It’s technology that has been around for years but it’s the fuel aspect which surprises people. The feedback so far has been very positive. We will definitely see the benefit in the future for the teams. The operation will be more fluid and hopefully the hours saved mean we can become more customer-focused on the shop floor."