RoadChef opens the doors on its BP Connect forecourt on the M6 toll road this month.

The main Norton Canes motorway service area will open at the end of January, but the forecourt is available as soon as its part of the toll road

around the north of Birmingham is ready.

John Greenwood, RoadChef’s chief executive, said: “Today’s motorway service areas have come a long way in the past few years, and that’s what people will discover at Norton Canes.”

The forecourt, which is the only one on the 27-mile M6 toll road, will offer the latest range of BP fuels – including Ultimate – from eight pump islands. Truck drivers will have their own access lane leading to high-speed pumps, and Connect’s Wild Bean Café will also be on offer.

The motorway service area is set in 68 acres of landscaping and offers a range of shops and restaurants plus a Travel Inn.

RoadChef Norton Canes is a single site service area for both sides of the motorway and will have parking for more than 450 cars, 51 HGVs, 24 coaches and six cars with caravans.