BP claims it has won the race to introduce the first mobile fuel purchasing app in the UK that connects to fuel cards.

From this week, BP Fuel Card customers will be able to add fuel cards to the BPme app, making BPme available for fleets.

Fuel card customers can now use BPme to make cashless purchases from their vehicle even if they don’t have their physical fuel cards with them.

The app will automatically log every fuel transaction and allow drivers to enter their mileage while they are in the vehicle, giving fleet managers accurate data on vehicle activity.

As well as all the fraud detection and transaction security measures fleet managers can expect from a physical BP fuel card, the fuel card-linked app also offers other safety benefits such as allowing drivers to stay close to their vehicles at all times, and swapping fuel card PINs for fingerprint or passcode recognition on drivers’ phones.

BPme is now available in around 900 UK BP fuel stations, and is being rolled out across the BP network throughout 2018. Drivers can locate BPme-enabled stations by using the app’s location finder, giving them an efficient way to plan routes via fuelcard-applicable stations.

Andy Allen, UK fuel card manager, BP Fuel Cards, said: “What is more valuable than time? BPme is making refuelling easier, faster, and more convenient than ever before. By saving time every time drivers fill up, we’re increasing fleets’ efficiency and drivers’ wellbeing.

“Having a fuel card on BPme means less admin and less room for error. Making drivers’ jobs easier means fleets become more efficient – both from a time and cost perspective. And that gives them a greater chance to be successful and grow.”