BP Oil UK Limited has renewed its membership of the BOSS Payment Watch scheme for its company-owned retail fuel sites.

BP operates more than 320 company owned sites and is one of the largest forecourt retailers in the United Kingdom.

Kevin Eastwood, executive director at BOSS, said: “BOSS Payment Watch has proved to be a highly efficient method of engaging with customers who inadvertently have no means to pay. It’s also a robust service that helps retailers to recover losses from those seeking to avoid paying for fuel that has been drawn.

“BOSS Payment Watch helps to protect fuel retailers’ businesses financially and it continues to successfully identify and assist police in prosecuting numerous multiple offenders. I am delighted that BP continue to see the benefits of BOSS membership.”

He said the BOSS Payment Watch scheme operates on almost one third of UK forecourts and is a co-ordinated system that has recovered nearly £3m for fuel retailers who incur financial losses from ‘no means of payment’ incidents.