BP is rolling out AdBlue pumps for commercial vehicles across the UK this summer.

The dedicated dispensers will be available in the commercial vehicle lanes at more than 40 sites by the end of June.

Fitted with a nozzle specifically designed for use with AdBlue tanks on HGVs, the new pumps mean drivers of commercial vehicles can fill up with AdBlue when they refuel without moving their truck. It can also be purchased using a BP Plus card.

The sites with the AdBlue dispensers have been chosen based on how popular and convenient they are for fuel card and business drivers, with many on key routes and motorways.

Andy Allen, UK fuel card manager, BP Fuel Cards, said: “Commercial vehicles use around five litres of AdBlue per 100 litres of diesel. But large HGVs are able to load up with 1,400 litres of fuel, so it’s simply not practical or convenient for the driver to use 5 litre or 2.5 litres bottles of AdBlue.

“By installing these pumps directly into the refueling lanes used by commercial vehicles, we believe this will make our customers’ lives easier.”