Rumours concerning the non-availability of Coalite pre-packed smokeless coal for the forecourt are totally unfounded. The past few months have seen continuous sniping at the company from some quarters with talk of product unavailability. The facts are that we have never been unable to supply our product when ordered. It delivers some of the best retail margins in the sector and we are determined to take whatever action is necessary to protect our brand and our business. I would like personally to reassure all those who have previously bought Coalite, or would like to stock Coalite, simply to place an order through your usual channels. If you happen to get a negative response, call us on 01246 820000 and we will take immediate action to remedy the situation. As part of our new strategy we have plans for the installation of Coalite’s own pre-pack plant at Bolsover and the future launch of new products.

The pre-pack plant would supply a demand we’ve recognised for the past two or three years, but we have no plans to change our distribution network to service garages and the big sheds.

This task would be left to already established distribution networks for the foreseeable future.

Chris Phoenix, md

Coalite Smokeless Fuels, PO Box 21, Chesterfield