Convenience stores and supermarkets command a 14% share of all eating out occasions and a 24% share of out-of-home snacking occasions, according to research by MCA – a leading research insight agency across the foodservice and hospitality sectors.

The insight, from MCA’s UK Eating Out Market Report 2018, was developed through online consumer surveys, analysis of MCA’s market sizing and company tracking databases and operator-specific research. The results look at the key trends affecting the market, the competitive landscape, the changing needs of consumers and the outlook for future development.

Convenience stores and supermarkets have seen a year-on-year increase of 0.2% on their share of the UK eating out market. This growth is largely down to a rise in consumers on lunch or snacking occasions, which have grown 0.7% and 0.8% respectively.

More consumers are looking for snacks and lunch on-the-go and c–stores and supermarkets provide the most convenient offering. The report highlights location, fast service, low prices and value for money as key drivers of this increase, with c-stores and supermarkets much higher than the market average.

Gareth Nash, director of consumer Insights at MCA, said: “Convenience is often considered as the cornerstone for the on-the-go mission and these results highlight this. Location is key for consumers looking to satisfy their on-the-go needs, and with consumers becoming more time-pressed they are opting for a convenient offering.”

“Convenience stores need to ensure they have a strong on-the-go offering that is reflective of their location. City centre stores are more frequented by professionals who are time-pressed and looking for a quick snack or meal before heading back to work. Ensure your range is well-stocked with variety and located in clear view of the front of the store to maximise the opportunities available.”

More information about the MCA UK Eating Out Market Report 2018 is available on the MCA website.