UKLPG, the trade body that represents the LPG industry, is calling for a meeting with new London Mayor Sadiq Khan to discuss the role the low carbon transport fuel can have on improving air quality in the Capital.

On the back of a recently launched initiative to improve air quality in Birmingham by converting taxis to LPG, the organisation will highlight how rapid deployment of LPG can make an immediate impact in the drive to tackle urban air quality.

Research suggests that on average around 80% of NOx emissions in areas where the UK is exceeding NO2 limits, including London, are due to transport. UKPLG says LPG Autogas is cleaner and produces less air pollutants (CO2, NOx & PM) than all other traditional transport fuels, and has a supply infrastructure with approximately 14,000 refuelling stations across the UK, including 70 in London, which can be expanded easily and rapidly at no additional cost to the taxpayer.

UKLPG chief executive Rob Shuttleworth said: “UKLPG is delighted that urban air quality is top policy priority for the new mayor and welcomes the opportunity presented by the forthcoming policy consultation proposals to address issues of poor air quality in London, in particular the important role that LPG Autogas can play in the air quality solution mix.

“The benefits for London are clear. Black diesel taxis can easily and economically be converted to run on LPG Autogas for £8,000, enabling taxi drivers to run cleaner vehicles which meet both their operational needs and emissions targets now and in the future.

“Black cabs recently converted from diesel to run on LPG which have been tested at Millbrook have recorded 80% reduction in NOx and 99% reduction in particulate matter.

“This solution has recently been pioneered by Birmingham City Council with the support of the DfT through its NOx Reduction Champion project.”

He said a significant improvement in air quality could also be achieved by reducing the large number of diesel small vans operating in cities and promoting a mix of cleaner reliable fleets which include LPG.