Police are investigating after part of a cashpoint machine was stolen from the Esso garage, owned by Top 50 Indie MRH, at The Street in Great Barton, Suffolk.

Officers were alerted around 3.45am on Wednesday April 19, to reports that a group of people appeared to be pulling out the stand alone ATM at the garage and a 4X4 vehicle was leaving the scene. The vehicle appeared to have a spare tyre on the back.

Police attended and found part of the cashpoint has been stolen. It appeared the vehicle was used to pull the top part of the machine out.

They said that at this stage it’s not known how much cash was in the part of the machine that was stolen, however considerable damage was caused.

MRH company secretary David Hathaway said the site had been closed at the time so no staff were directly affected.

The cash machine was not owned by MRH, but a representative of the cash machine company had examined the machine and he believed no money had been stolen.

He added that although the cash machine was damaged the shop and other equipment were unscathed.

The site had to remain closed for a couple of hours after its normal opening time while a police forensic team finished their work, but it was operating normally by 9am.

An investigation is under way and officers are asking anyone who may have seen anything in the area in around this time, or a 4X4 vehicle on the roads in the area in the early hours, to call Suffolk Police on 101, quoting crime number 29715/17.