Esso is introducing a new fuel brand name ‘Energy’, which is currently being rolled out throughout its network in time for a new advertising campaign.

The new brand ‘Fuel System Energy’ has been unveiled to coincide with fuel improvements and to help the company create a stir in the marketplace, according to an Esso spokesman. “There are three grades of fuel, two of which – Energy Supreme and Energy Diesel – have been enhanced to offer improved cleaning, performance and fuel efficiency properties.” But he stressed that these are not new fuels in the mode of Shell’s Optimax or BP’s Ultimate, and would not therefore be premium-priced.

The advertising campaign gets underway in the week beginning November 15, and will include television ads and billboard posters around the country.

Kiyoshi Miyazawa, project manager, Global Brand, said: “This is a really exciting project which will enhance Esso’s image as a company that sells high-quality motor fuels.”