Exxon Mobil is rolling out a new site image for its UK Esso service stations along with new branding for its fuels.

The move is a development of the company’s Synergy Fuel Programme and involves the installation of new ‘Synergy Fuels’ imaging at sites.

All the new signage is located at or adjacent to the fuel pumps and replaces all existing signage.

The main components of the new system are known as the ‘wave’, ‘blade’ and ‘koala’.

The wave is an inverted L-shape alongside and over the pumps which has LED lighting along one edge. The blade is a panel of text alongside the pump which explains to customers about the Synergy fuel brands, and the koala is an advertising panel mounted on the canopy columns. It is mounted so the customers view it as they return to their vehicles from the shop.

An Esso spokesman confirmed: “We are rolling out a new site image along with new product names at  Esso-branded service stations in the UK.

“We are always looking for ways to better serve our consumers and these changes are considered to enhance the overall buying experience at our service stations.

“Synergy is the new name for the fuel products being offered at these sites. The quality of our fuel remains unchanged and consumers can expect to buy the same high quality fuel at Esso-branded service stations.”

Forecourt sites where the new imagery is in use include Kingscroft Service Station at Leatherhead, Surrey, near the company’s head office, and Brooklands Service Station at East Grinstead in West Sussex.