Exelby Services has completed the £6.5m development of its new filling station services and truck stop on the A1M at Leeming Bar, North Yorkshire.

The opening, which took place last Friday, is the culmination of 10 years work on the project, and chief executive Michael Exelby said: “We pulled back the barriers, turned the lights on and – as we’re adjacent to the A1– lots of customers saw the site was open and started coming in.

“Already, after just a few days, the site is gradually starting to establish itself. After all the problems, to finally open was a big sense of relief. The excitement will come when the volumes start to build up, and when the snagging is completed.”

The project has produced a service area to meet the refuelling and rest needs of HGVs and their drivers, including 150 secure parking facilities and has created 15 new jobs.

It includes retail facilities, a branded food outlet and Costa Coffee, and provides diesel, petrol, AdBlue and gas oil. It is also available to the general motoring public.

Exelby Services submitted plans in 2010 to move from its site at nearby Londonderry as the A1 upgrade meant trucks had to detour along the A1(M) service road to reach it. The new service area is adjacent to both the A1 and the Leeming Bar Industrial Estate.

Exelby Services operates from two sites on the A19 South of Teesside, a site at junction 42 of the M6 at Carlisle and a site at J31 of the M62 near Castleford. The company handles more than 120 million litres of fuel each year and stores diesel for most of the major transport, distribution and fuel card companies at its sites.