Fuel price campaign group FairFuelUK is backing a move in Parliament to get the amount of tax that the government gets from motorists when they fill up with fuel shown on the till receipt.

FairFuelUK believes there are still motorists and businesses who will be staggered to find out that of a typical purchase of £85.34 (61 litres of petrol at £1.39ppl), a staggering £49.57 is the combined tax of VAT and fuel duty.

The planned January 3ppl rise in fuel duty means the same volume will cost £87.17, includes £51.71 of tax, increasing the tax take to 59.32% of the sale, FairFuelUK has calculated.

Quentin Willson, national spokesman for FairFuelUK said: “Letting us all see how much of our money goes to the government every time we buy a litre of fuel is fair tax transparency. I want a mandatory breakdown of the price of fuel clearly displayed on every fuel till receipt in the UK.

“We have a right to know how much the Treasury takes in tax. Shockingly, many people in Britain now pay more tax at their local garage than they do as PAYE.”