Brobot Petroleum, the family owned Top 50 Indie, has relaunched its first store to undergo a full redevelopment since partnering with Londis last June.  The newly developed site in Bunny is one of 22 sites in the Midlands owned by Brobot, all supplied by Londis.


Clive Leeson, Brobot area and retail manager, said: ”Since partnering with Londis last year we’ve been on a journey of development, first switching all the stores from Key Lekkerland to Londis, then carrying out mini refits at some sites, but this is the first full development and we’re delighted with the results.”


Paul Courtney, Londis sales director, commented: “We’re delighted that Brobot Petroleum has made Londis their partner of choice to develop their business in these challenging economic times.”


Brobot invested £95,000 to redesign the layout and traffic flow of the store by extending the sales area into a building used for car repairs and storage.


The result is a better store layout and more space to expand key areas, such as chilled food and alcohol which have increased by 30%.


Previously the alcohol range was limited with just 1m of chilled in a double door chiller.  Now there is 5m of chilled beers and wines as well as 2m of ambient.  And since the store is located in an affluent area, the new alcohol range is tailored to reflect this and includes more in the £7-£10 price bracket.


Space for chilled soft drinks, snacks and food has doubled.  There is now 3.75m dedicated to chilled grocery, fresh produce, dairy and milk and a 3.75m run of sandwiches, soft drinks and snacks.


Leeson said: “At first we were reluctant to have such an extensive chilled range, but we followed Londis’ advice and it’s worked.”


The new, improved store layout also focuses on improving the potential of categories that are key to the forecourt business, such as soft drinks and snacks.  Now located in the first aisle, they are highly visible as soon as you walk through the door and sited next to newspapers and magazines.  The range has been improved too, to give increased facings to top sellers like water, Coca Cola and energy drinks.


New shelving and a longer aisle have been created to incorporate a better range of confectionery, crisps and snacks.  There is now 6.5m of confectionery and bagged sweets (previously 4m) adjacent to crisps and snacks, with more room for browsing in the run up to the counter area.


The coffee machine has been upgraded too – now offering ‘bean to cup’ rather than instant.


Prior to the development, weekly turnover was £9,500 – now the store is on target to reach £12,500 a week.