The first public hydrogen refuelling station (HRS) for vehicles in Scotland’s Central Belt has been opened by Logan Energy.

The HRS is based at Logan Energy’s Wallyford facility less than a mile off the A1 just outside Edinburgh, and offers supervised fuelling by during working hours.

It is the only refuelling stop between Aberdeen and Sheffield, some 360 miles apart, and will allow hydrogen-electric and dual-fuel vehicles to be refuelled to 350bar.

Logan Energy has financed the HRS itself and is offering the refuelling service to expand the potential of hydrogen in Scotland. It is also hoped that it will encourage people to consider hydrogen vehicles as viable green transport options.

Bill Ireland, CEO of Logan Energy, said: “While hydrogen-powered electric vehicles offer real reductions in carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions, the widespread uptake of these vehicles is restricted by the lack of investment in the deployment of refuelling stations.

“Refuelling is often offered as a package alongside the deployment of a fleet of hydrogen vehicles but without a proper refuelling infrastructure in Scotland, it is hard to get the buy in for investment in hydrogen vehicles. In turn, this lack of demand has made it harder than ever to create a case for building a proper refuelling infrastructure.

“With a Scottish ban on fossil fuel vehicle sales by 2032, and UK by 2035, petrol filling stations will start to see a decrease in revenue imminently and will need to look to the alternatives to survive. Our technology offers part of the solution.”

Logan Energy is currently working with strategic partners to make its Wallyford base a ‘centre of excellence’ for hydrogen technology integration and safety. The opening of this refuelling station is one step towards achieving this goal. As part of this mission, Logan Energy will also be developing plans to produce green hydrogen on site, through electrolysis powered by solar power.