A petrol station was evacuated for four hours yesterday after a fuel tanker leaked petrol across the forecourt, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Firefighters were scrambled to the Seven Ways Esso garage in Stretford shortly before 10pm on Thursday night when fluid spread across the floor after the lorry hit a pillar, the fire service said.

Five crews were sent to the incident and found that 1,250 litres of petrol had spilled over the forecourt.

Barton Road was closed and the site was evacuated while the chemicals were cleaned away with foam by the firefighters. The Environment Agency later confirmed that the petrol was contained to the garage and did not spread into surrounding drains.

Damian Keenaghan, from Stretford fire station, said: “It was quite a serious leak. As the tanker pulled in it accidentally struck one of the columns of the roof.

"We had to cordon off the area, evacuate and shut down the power so there were no spark hazards. Then we laid a protective foam blanket.”