The owner of a forecourt and c-store business in Norfolk is branching out into a new direction developing closer ties between forecourt operators and owners and the companies that supply their equipment and the goods they sell.

Moiz Vas, who worked in PR and marketing before rejoining his family’s business, believes there is an opportunity to put on events to bring retailers and suppliers closer together to learn more about each others businesses.

He has already staged a number of events with single suppliers and groups of invited retailers and on May 29 he will be putting on his first multi-supplier event.

He has won support from the PRA and is partnering with four non-competing suppliers for the event: Gulf, Londis, Micros and Tokheim.

Moiz said: “I started to think about suppliers and how they could improve how they do business with us if they understood us better.

“There is much suppliers could do to help us to grow our businesses together, and help us understand their products better.”

He holds his events in the late afternoon/evening so it is easier for people to get away from their businesses, and says it is all about learning how to do business better away from the day-to-day distractions of work.

For the event on May 29 each partner has put together a list of existing and potential new customers, totalling about 200, who have been invited. The event will begin with meetings between the partners and their guests, followed by a meal and then an exhibition so guests can experience the offer from the other partners.