The owner of Saints of Tarporley has installed what she believes is the first hand carwash in the north west that fully recycles the water it uses.

Kamal Parmar, who owns the Murco service station in Cheshire, has invested a total of £60,000 in the facility including the canopy.

She explained that she had a car wash at the site for about six years but recently the rural drainage system was unable to cope with the water and eventually she had to close the facility.

She then looked into alternative systems that would not require drainage and discovered equipment supplied by Bywater.

The system collects used water and cleans it through a system of three tanks. In the first any sediment is collected and then the water is run through a carbon filter into a second tank where any bacteria are removed before being stored in the third tank where the clean water is held.

She said: “We wanted to do our bit for the environment and we save money on water as well.”

The car wash is already in operation but local MP Stephen O’Brien will be carrying out an official opening.