Service stations in Kent have seen significant increases in fuel sales after cross-channel travellers were advised to fill up before arriving in France.

A blockade of fuel depots in France has caused a shortages with rationing and long queues at some French stations while others have run out.

John Ryeland, managing director of Dover-based George Hammond plc, commented: “There has been an uplift and certainly at our Dover sites. The full impact is not yet known and slightly blurred by the fact that Dover is in near permanent gridlock with roadworks presently.”

Shell also reported that it had seen an increase in demand at its petrol station on the M20, near Folkestone.

Earlier in the week the motoring organisations RAC and AA had advised travellers to fill up before crossing the Channel but today May 27) they were both reported to be advising that motorists should not travel to France because conditions had become so chaotic.

The official Foreign Office Travel advice was: “Following industrial action (blockades of fuel depots), fuel purchasing restrictions have been put in place by local authorities in some parts of France. In certain areas you may not be able to fill up jerrycans, and fuel rationing may be imposed. Some petrol stations may have run out of some types of fuel. The website has produced a map developed from data supplied by users of its mobile app to help motorists identify petrol stations where fuel is not available.”