Associations representing the forecourt trade and drivers have welcomed the announcement that duty on fuel will be frozen for a further year. Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, the Prime Minister said: "Some have wondered if there would be a thaw in our fuel duty freeze this year. Today I can confirm that in the Budget later this month, the Chancellor will freeze fuel duty again."

Chancellor Philip Hammond said: "This has come at a significant cost to the Exchequer, but the high oil price and the near-record pump price of petrol and diesel are also imposing a significant burden on motorists. So we have decided that to support hard-working families, we will once again freeze fuel duty in the upcoming budget."

PRA chairman Brian Madderson said the decision was not unexpected: "With external market factors already pushing up the price of fuel, increasing the price further would be unacceptable."

He said that the PRA had been briefing the Treasury and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) telling them "now is not the time".

"We said to HMRC, ’How dare you think of increasing duty when you are not collecting tax from the unregulated hand car wash sector?’"