Leading UK fuel supplier Greenergy has confirmed the start of its supply of Esso fuel to independent dealers in the Midlands, the South of England and South Wales.

Greenergy has been a branded wholesaler for Esso since February 2013, when it took over fuel supply to Esso- branded dealers in the North of England, North Wales and Scotland. The agreement extends nationally and Greenergy takes over supply to a further 104 Esso-branded dealerships.

Greenergy also has rights to market the Esso brand to independent forecourts nationally, offering Esso-branded fuel supply alongside its other brand options. Both the number of Esso-branded sites supplied by Greenergy and their sales volume have grown strongly under the branded wholesaler arrangement, a sign of the popularity of the Esso brand when paired with Greenergy’s focus on efficiency and hands-on customer service, according to Andrew Owens, Greenergy’s chief executive.

He said: "There has been considerable interest from dealers looking for a major oil brand and loyalty scheme with Greenergy’s flexible terms, competitive pricing, supply reliability and customer responsiveness. This is a unique combination, making it one of the strongest fuel offerings in the UK."

Duncan Connolly, retail director of Esso UK, said: "Through our business relationship with Greenergy, we plan to continue this growth following the conclusion of the latest Esso branded fuel supply agreement."