A new draw-based lottery game with a top prize of up to £100,000 is now rolling out into thousands of retail outlets across the UK.

The Health Lottery aims to deliver £250m incremental sales in the lottery category in the first year, generating £50m annually to help people live longer and healthier lives. The game will operate as a series of 51 lotteries, each representing one or more local authority areas in Great Britain.

Wholly owned by Northern & Shell Group, the Health Lottery brand will be backed by a £20m marketing investment at launch, including heavyweight TV, press, outdoor, experiential and PR. This is expected to generate huge consumer awareness and drive significant footfall and sales in store.

The game will be available to play from September 29, 2011 through retailers’ existing e-payment terminals. Players purchase tickets for £1 and choose five numbers between 1 and 50. Lucky ticket holders matching all five numbers correctly will scoop a top prize of up to £100,000. Any three balls matched correctly delivers a guaranteed £50 and any four balls takes home £500. There are no shared prizes, even if there are multiple winners, everyone gets the advertised prize. Lottery results will be announced every Saturday night on a draw show on ITV1 and Channel 5.

Tony Holmes, sales director of The Health Lottery, said: “The launch of The Health Lottery is going to transform the lottery category in Great Britain as we know it and provide retailers with a fantastic opportunity to connect with their local community in a way never seen before. “Getting the full support from retailers is essential to the success of The Health Lottery, which is why we are embarking on one of the biggest retailer activation programmes Great Britain has ever seen.

“Our dedicated team of brand ambassadors are making multiple visits to thousands of stores over the coming weeks to provide training and advice on how to get involved as well as helping activate high impact POS in-store so that retailers can meet the huge consumer demand that is anticipated.”

Retailers who get behind The Health Lottery will receive 5% commission on sales and 1% on prize payouts (£50 match three balls). There is also no risk as it requires no investment, stock holding, cash tied up or additional space because it is played through existing e-payment terminals.