Hydrogen will be a major focus for the first time at a leading trade fair for the retail petroleum sector in Europe.

At UNITI expo in Stuttgart, H2 Mobility Deutschland will be presenting for the first time, and with it the service station technology for deliveries, storage, refuelling, and payment.

“Hydrogen technology has made impressive progress in recent years. Both the individual technical components and the complete stations are suited to everyday use and can be integrated in the operations of the service station,” says Nikolas Iwan, managing director of H2 Mobility. “Germany is a trailblazer in the field of hydrogen infrastructure, but other countries too, including the UK, France, Scandinavian states and the US, are stepping up their engagement.”

By 2023 up to 400 hydrogen refuelling stations are due to be installed in Germany, providing nationwide coverage. The infrastructure is to be developed in several stages. Irrespective of the number of fuel cell vehicles registered, H2 Mobility will be setting up and operating up to 100 hydrogen refuelling stations in the major urban centres of Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, the Rhine-Ruhr area and Stuttgart. Stations will also be established along the main routes connecting these centres.

H2 Mobility will be responsible for all aspects of planning and operation, including the design of the service station network and the establishment and operation of up to 400 hydrogen stations including the payment system and knowledge management. At UNITI expo, hydrogen dispensers and fuel cell cars will be on show.

UNITI expo is a three-day leading trade fair for the retail petroleum and carwash sector in Europe, which takes place every two years at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, Germany. UNITI expo 2016 will take place 14-16 June.