Jet is calling an end to its longstanding Smile@ loyalty promotion at the end of the year.

Roy Roley, Jet’s brand communications manager and creator of Smile, said: “Smile is over six years old and has been very successful. But the Jet network and market has changed radically in that time.

“Jet has maintained that Jet dealers know best how to run their businesses, so has never been dictatorial. When Fuelforce decided to withdraw from Smile 21 months ago, the economics of running a national scheme became unviable.”

The announcement was made just before Jet’s recent dealer conference in Dubai where the theme was ‘Standards and Service’. “We took our dealers to the Al Qasr Hotel in Dubai where we knew that they would experience what real excellence in customer service and standards meant, first hand,” said Roley.

The conference discussed Jet’s long-term vision of what service and standards of excellence can do for business. “We described how Jet would be supporting them in their efforts to build customer loyalty from the heart rather than the wallet and how we planned to provide them with direct, local control over their promotional efforts to their best customers,” added Roley.