Jet has reconfigured and revamped its engine oils as the JetMax range which is designed to easily clarify performance and applications to help drivers choose the right product.

As well as giving the range a fresh look, Jet has introduced a new product – JetMax Pro 5W30 - and is even replacing the existing four litre bottle with five litres, at no extra cost to the consumer.


Having taken the decision to switch lube suppliers it was a natural move for Jet to revise the existing range in order to stay innovative and to keep pace with an ever evolving industry. The vibrant and eye-catching packaging has been designed to make the products stand out on the shelf and from the competition but to also enable drivers to quickly pick out the right product.


Indeed, JetMax is supported by a range of revamped point of sale tools and informative literature to ensure staff and consumers are knowledgeable about the products’ usage. There’s a clear hierarchy of product performance and each product’s attributes are clearly and concisely presented.


Patrick Hudson, manager - retail of Jet comments: “With a new lube supplier on board we were able to reassess the existing range to develop something that would add more value to our customers. Having seen the really positive response from dealers where we have previewed the range, we are extremely pleased to be bringing the JetMax range to our forecourts.


“Today’s vehicles are demanding engine oils that need to work a lot harder for much longer in their modern, high tech engines. JetMax, made up of four different products, will cover over 70 per cent of the lubricant requirements for modern day vehicles.”


The range of engine oils from Jet is comprised of JetMax 15W40, JetMax Plus 10W40, JetMax Plus Diesel 10W40 and the newly introduced JetMax Pro 5W30 which is designed for the more high performance vehicles.