THI UK has launched the first machine in the world to wash motorbikes. The patented Motorbike-Wash with water reclaim system – retailing at under £20,000 – is self-contained and washes one motorbike in just a few minutes.

The unit needs to be mounted to a flat surface and has a footprint of 3.8m by 1.5m. There is a pre-wash at the entrance, and an automatic wheel clamp holds the bike in position as a roller shutter door closes once the start button is pressed.

The automatic cycle starts with hot shampoo, then a rinse, wax, and a final rinse using reverse osmosis water – water that has had minerals removed to make it pure. A blower then blasts excess water from the bike.

Peter Heaton, managing director of THI UK, said: “Using a jetwash is very bad for the motorbike as it removes grease from the chain and can damage wheel bearings due to the high pressure. The Motorbike-Wash does not use high pressure so is very kind to the bike.”

Heaton adds that the market for these units is potentially huge as the usage of motorbikes has grown dramatically in the last few years. Retailers can achieve payback within one year if they charge £5 per bike.