Londis is hoping to sign up more forecourt stores with a new recruitment offer, which includes 20 per cent off the Londis Express fascia until the end of January 2004.The group has reappraised its forecourt range and space allocation and has briefed a range of specialist suppliers to cover every area of direct supply, from flowers to car care.

The company currently offers two forecourt ranges – one for transient sites and the other for convenience outlets. Its promotional programme now also includes a new tailor-made, point-of-sale kit for transient sites, with four deep-cut offers appealing to impulse buyers.

“The transient sites are usually smaller shops with passing trade and non-repeat customers, which offer mainly snacks and food on the hoof,” explains Terry Bedford, Londis sales director. “Convenience forecourt shops tend to be slightly larger and additionally offer a basic grocery range, catering for a mixture of foot and car traffic.

Meanwhile the first Petrol Express forecourt store to take Londis’ Genesis format has seen its turnover rise from £17,000 to £22,000 a week. The 800sq ft store in Stanwell, Middlesex, was refitted at a cost of £46,000 after acquiring an off licence.

Following a range review, the selling space increased which enabled the store to introduce 10 metres of chilled beers and wines, while the space for frozen foods trebled.