Londis is has made a new 360o Virtual Tour available to all retailers, so they can see the future of Londis retailing.

Following the recent brand refresh at Woodhouse Street in Leeds, Londis created a digital store tour to share the recent developments to the brand, with both existing and new retailers.

The tour focuses on new and updated elements of the store such as imagery, food to go, new trends, bakery promotions and the eye catching yellow and black point of sale.

Additional information points highlight theses elements as well as showcasing the value available. The tour is accessible through mobiles, laptops, tablets or even VR headset and enables navigation around the store 360o at any point.

“We are working hard to help our retailers make more profits by adapting their offer,” said Martin Swadling, Londis brand director.

“This new 360o tour is a great way for any retailer to have an in-depth look at both the store and the thinking behind it so they can see how Londis can add real value to their business. Retailers are under more pressure than ever before and I’m delighted to be able to showcase how Londis will be able to help them drive growth in the coming years. Anyone who would like to see the tour can simply contact their local retail development manager.”

Retailer Sohail Shah of Londis Kirky Store, Kirkintiloch, commented: “I found using the 360 tour really interesting and also good fun. It’s a great way of understanding what my store could look like and to demonstrate what Londis are doing to prepare my business for the future.”