RMI Petrol is calling for more evidence of ‘unfair pricing’ by oil companies and supermarkets following an invitation from the Office of Fair Trading to make an ‘informal presentation’ of its claims.

The association has had good response from independent retailers but chairman Brian Madderson said more evidence to present to the OFT early next month would be welcomed.

“We have been encouraged by the OFT to make an informal presentation of the evidence of unfair pricing by oil companies and hypers and we are currently putting together a short presentation. Our message to independent retailers is to please continue to send in your evidence to RMI Petrol.”

The upcoming presentation to the OFT will follow two recent meetings with the Environment & Transport Tax department at the Treasury. On July 28 Madderson put forward RMI Petrol’s idea of the use of vouchers for the Rural Fuel Duty Rebate scheme, which is hoped to be in place by the end of the year.

“In order to protect retailers and their cash flow some sort of voucher scheme should be considered whereby when a motorist pays for fuel he gets a voucher for 5ppl for every litre purchased which he can then cash in at his leisure at a Post Office,” said Madderson. “We are encouraged by noises from the EU that the Rural Fuel Duty Rebate scheme might be in place by the end of the year.”

On July 22 Madderson put forward RMI Petrol’s views on the Fair Fuel Stabiliser and the government’s proposed inflation fuel duty increases, which could add as much as 8ppl to pump prices next year.