Plans for a hand new car wash at a Morrisons supermarket have been approved by Bradford Council.

The supermarket group’s application was to build a hand car wash, with a cabin and canopy, on part of the car park at its Enterprise 5 store at Five Lane Ends.

The company said it would create up to seven full time jobs, as well as “enhance revenue streams and provide enhanced services to customers”.

It also emphasised environmental benefits it said would be associated with the development. It said a professional hand car washing operation uses significantly less water than home car washing and is more environmentally friendly, and that it would reduce vehicle miles by facilitating “linked trips”.

The plans, which will cost around £80,000, will lead to the loss of 11 parking spaces and take four weeks to complete.

Planning officers said the plan was not considered to result in any adverse implications in respect of visual amenity, residential amenity, highway and pedestrian safety or drainage.

However, one of the conditions attached to the planning consent was that the drainage scheme would need to be approved before the first use of the car wash to ensure proper drainage of the site and in the interests of pollution prevention.