Keeping the wheels of the UK economy turning while also meeting policies that aim to move the economy to a lower-carbon future remains a key challenge for the UK oil refining industry, said Janet Ashdown, president of the UK Petroleum Industry Association, as she launched the 2009


Statistical Review at the House of Commons last month.

"Energy will remain a key global issue in the future, with focus in the UK and elsewhere increasingly upon security of supply and climate concerns," she said. "These are big challenges in themselves. However, in the UK, as in the rest of the EU, the industry is also having to address the increasingly unbalanced demand for petrol and diesel that potentially will increase refinery emissions because of more energy-intense processes to produce that extra diesel within the EU.

"UK refining will continue to have a pivotal role in keeping future transport fuel supply options open that complement various alternative energy sources. This could be particularly important, not just for road transport but also for transport modes where developing alternatives may be more technically difficult or impractical. Refining will remain important too."