Number-one indie MRH Retail has awarded waste management specialist Cleansing Service Group (CSG) a contract to carry out environmental services and maintenance programme at all of its sites nationwide.

The three-year contract will provide the MRH network with a ‘one stop shop’ portfolio of drainage maintenance services.

These include forecourt interceptor emptying and cleaning to ensure drainage systems operate at peak capacity and are not contaminated with oil, petrol and silt, as well as routine cleaning of surface and underground drainage channels, gullies and silt traps, and sewage system maintenance.

MRH Retail’s managing director John Lynn said: “It’s a priority for us that our forecourts and all their services, including vital infrastructure such as drainage systems, interceptors and sewage systems, function efficiently and remain trouble-free.”

CSG provides a fast response 24-hour emergency call-out service, and its transport, cleansing & response division includes a specialist forecourt services maintenance operation designed to ensure that refuelling and vehicle cleaning facilities comply with current pollution prevention regulations.