MRH has applied for planning permission for a KNRB of its BP site at Cowley in Oxford.

The proposal is for the complete demolition of the existing site, including its sales building, six pump islands, removal of LPG tanks and underground fuel tanks.

It would result in the removal of car washing facilities and reduce the number of pump islands by two.

In addition the scheme comprises 12 parking spaces, an air and screen wash bay, two new 70,000 litre underground tanks and three new LPG tanks.

There will be a new 239sq m shop, which will have an external ATM and will operate 24 hours a day seven days a week.

In its supporting statement MRH said: “The proposed development responds to the need to improve the existing offer of the forecourt shop / sales building, which currently fails adequately to meet the needs of the modern pass-by motorist.

It added that the proposal removes the car wash and reduces the height of both the canopy and sales building, reducing the impact of the site on neighbouring properties.

It also said an assessment it had commissioned concluded that increasing the opening hours to 24 hours would not give rise to any disturbance or loss of amenity to local residents.