For years many petrol stations have been infamous for their poor toilets - but not any more.Visitors to certain BP sites are in for a treat as new loo facilities include bright images of the


countryside on the walls, with birdsong playing in the background. The walls are covered with an anti-grafitti coating so any pen marks can be immediately wiped off.

In addition, some of the new toilets feature energy-efficient lighting and hand-dryers, touch-less taps and water-less urinals.

The changes are being piloted in four sites in the UK and in other locations across Europe.

The toilets will be installed in more BP company-owned sites in the UK this year, and will also be available to those in the BP dealer network.

Gary Scholes, store manager at Bedworth South Connect which has the toilets, said: "It’s a lovely experience to use our toilet. On a dull, dreary day you can come in here, sit and look at the flowers and the blue sky, and it brightens up your day."