A new company has been set up to honour all contracts and maintenance agreements with Petroman Environmental Ltd and Petroman Ltd, which have been placed into liquidation due to shareholder differences.

The new company, Vapour Control Systems Ltd, trading as Petroman, has been set up by Petroman founder Rodney Carter, and will also undertake new installations.

Carter, who is also the managing director of the new company, said: “We are a cutting edge organisation with an entrepreneurial style, so differences among the principals as to direction are always a possibility, but I am determined that this will not affect the services our customers receive in any way whatsoever.

“The infrastructure is still there, along with our skilled and experienced employees, so customers should notice nothing beyond a few administrative changes. It really is business as usual.”

He added that there would be no effect on associated companies such as Dealers Choice Ltd.

Petroman can be contacted on 01223 836678 or