Nisa has introduced a seasonal planning guide providing indepth planogram and ranging advice covering the relevant months and the key trading events they may present.

The most recent edition is the spring planning guide that includes merchandising advice on Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter.

The guide, which can be downloaded via the member secure website, provides a great insight into each one of these events and provides tips on how retailers can use it for their advantage including key products to stock as well as planogram advice.

It also places importance on careful planning, detailed in-store execution and unbeatable customer service, which makes independent retail stores stand out against the competition.

Andrew Mouse, group sales director, said: “It is imperative that independent retailers utilise these important trading events, not only for their existing customers but also as a way to attract new ones. Instore planning, execution and range is key to maximise sales and profit opportunities and this is where the Nisa seasonal planning guide can help.

“A great deal of thought, planning and member input has been put into this document and I believe it will prove to be a valuable business tool for Nisa members.”