The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has concluded that it has no grounds to take action against CH Jones Ltd (trading as Keyfuels) over alleged abuse of dominance in the market for direct bunker fuel cards and pay-as-you-go bunker fuel cards.

Having issued a Statement of Objections, the OFT conducted a reassessment of the evidence and considered representations from CH Jones and the complainant. As a result, the OFT has decided to close its investigation with a formal finding that there are no grounds to take action.

Peter Bridgen, managing director at Keyfuels, commented: “We are pleased to have received official notification that the investigation by the OFT has been closed with no action.

“Throughout the investigation, Keyfuels fully co-operated to assist the OFT and provided all of the information that was requested. At no point during this process did we believe we had committed any anti-competitive behavior. We are therefore delighted that the OFT has made this positive decision for our business, customers, suppliers and fuel site operators.”