The Pensioners Campaign UK has voted overwhelmingly to support FairFuel UK’s fight for lower petrol and diesel prices, as the cost of filling up a car hits pensioners harder than many sectors of the population.

FairFuel UK has been rallying support for a Budget amendment to scrap the 3ppl fuel duty hike planned for August, and there are now 48 supporting MPs – a list of which can be found on

Christine Ward, chairperson for Pensioners Campaign UK, which has three million pension-age members, said: “Pensioners Campaign UK supports FairFuel UK and, in particular, their latest initiative in the campaign to scrap the 3p fuel duty rise from the recent Budget planned for August.

“High fuel prices impact greatly on pensioners and their ability to get out of their homes. The cost of food is also affected by high fuel costs; in fact all the things our members buy that have to be moved by road, impacts on pensioners.”

More than a third of the respondents of a recent poll by FairFuel UK were pensioners and the surveyed revealed that 17 out of 20 pensioners wanted a cut in fuel duty, with 73% saying that MPs are out of touch in understanding the damaging impact of high fuel prices on pensioners.

In addition, more than one in three pensioners said they would not vote for their MP unless they supported the reduction in the cost of fuel by voting to scrap the 3p.

Quentin Willson, lead spokesman for FairFuelUK, said: “The support of the Pensioners Campaign UK shows just important affordable petrol and diesel is to millions of retired people. I’m delighted that they have joined our call to scrap the 3p rise and have fairer transport costs for all.”

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