Motorway services operator Roadchef has become one of the UK’s first employers to provide employees with access to a flexible income.

Wagestream’s Get Paid As You Go platform is now available to employees at three Roadchef sites – Chester, Clacket Lane on the Surrey Kent border and Northampton.

Employees at the three sites can now access and withdraw 30% of their earned income throughout the month rather than having to wait for payday.

A flexible income, alongside “just in time” financial education, is aiming to empower Roadchef’s employees to cope with unexpected expenses like parking fines or boiler replacements without having to turn to overdrafts, credit or high-interest payday loans.

Roadchef provides employees with a number of other benefits on top of Wagestream’s Get Paid as you Go offering, including access to discounts and benefits that are designed to help them save money on everyday purchases.

Mark Fox, CEO of Roadchef, said: “We truly believe it is our team that makes the brand at Roadchef, so it is key for us to be able to provide our employees with any support they need, be that financial or otherwise. We’re really looking forward to entering into a partnership with Wagestream and hope that by alleviating some of the stress a monthly pay cycle can induce, that we’ll be able to offer all of our employees, longstanding or new, a rewarding career with Roadchef.”

Laura Bunn, director of HR and development, said: “We are proud to be partnering with Wagestream to support our employees, we truly believe that our business is made up of incredible people and we are constantly looking at ways to fully support them. This is one of a number of initiatives within our ongoing people plan to support engagement and retention within the business.”

Peter Briffett, CEO of Wagestream added: “The negative impact of the monthly pay cycle, and the positive impact of a flexible income, are no longer up for debate. Personal financial stress impacts the workplace, and UK families are struggling to bridge a financial gap. Employers who react, rethink their relationship with employees and offer the flexibility they need, will win. It’s great that Roadchef is embracing this flexibility and, as such, has become a leading light in its industry.”