The RNIB is celebrating a partnership with Top 50 Indie Rontec that has raised £250,000 for the charity in just six months. The RNIB’s Pennies scheme, which ran across the group’s 160 Shop’ N Drive stores, gave customers the option to ’top-up’ credit or debit cards transactions with a 25p donation to the charity.

RNIB has operated Pennies with other retailers, but Rontec was the first forecourt operator to become involved.

Bill Ahearn, managing director of Rontec, said: "Rontec was the first petrol retailer in the UK to sign up to the scheme, and we raised an amazing £250,000 in a very short time. Our loyal customers were very generous, which created a win for everybody. Blind people were supported through a significant donation to RNIB’s work, and Rontec had yet another opportunity to give back to the communities in which it operates. I was very pleased with the programme, and hope that other petrol retailers see how beneficial it is to give back."

Following the success of the Rontec initiative, the RNIB said the charity was keen to partner with other forecourt groups. Anyone interested should email: