A small rural petrol garage in Hawes, North Yorkshire, has attracted long queues as motorists flock to benefit from its low fuel prices, according to The Sun.

Gulf-branded Dale Head Garage is a community-run petrol station operating on a not-for-profit basis, and Hawes is one of four places in England classed as so remote that it qualifies for a 5ppl rebate on tax under the Rural Rebate scheme.

It has recently been selling petrol at 119.5ppl and its diesel was less than the cheapest supermarket prices at 122.5ppl.

According to The Sun drivers have been making 50-mile round trips from Yorkshire and neighbouring Cumbria to fill up.

The Hawes station was taken over by residents in 2017 after they feared they would be left miles from the nearest filling station.

Councillor John Blackie, chairman of the community partnership which runs the garage, said: “It’s been an incredible success firstly because the local community is very supportive and secondly, people from this part of Yorkshire are keen on a bargain - and it’s definitely a bargain.”

The garage, run by the Upper Dales Community Partnership, now takes delivery of 30,000 litres of fuel every five days with a tanker coming from Ellesmere Port, Merseyside.

Councillor Blackie, added: “Perhaps previously people would got to Tesco at Catterick to do their shopping on a Saturday and fill up before they come home.

“Now people come to Hawes and maybe go to the Spar or the grocers, then perhaps have a drink in the pub, before getting their fuel from us.”