Shell revealed this week it had introduced new energy-saving features at 200 petrol stations across the country in a bid to increase energy efficiency, cut carbon emissions and reduce energy costs. The company said the sites involved in the Shell EnergySave Sites programme were aiming to achieve an average drop in energy

consumption of 25% by introducing high-tech lighting and improvements in the cooling and heating systems.

According to Shell, it asked the Carbon Trust Standard Company (CTSC) to validate the energy saving success of pilot sites in Hayward’s Heath, High Wycombe and Salford Quays. All three sites were found to have successfully measured, managed and reduced their carbon footprints. And as a result, they are the first retail fuel sites to be awarded the coveted Carbon Trust Standard.

Shell now intends to work with CTSC to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard across all 200 petrol stations currently involved in the Shell EnergySave Sites programme and any further stations that join it.

The majority of savings from the programme will be achieved by reducing electricity use, including motion-sensitive lighting, new LED signage, improved refrigeration and more efficient heating and air-conditioning systems.

Melanie Lane, Shell UK retail Ggneral manager, said: “It makes good business sense to cut our energy costs. We also have a broader responsibility to conserve energy so we are pleased to be able to achieve both goals with these changes.”