Shell has closed Tern Hill Service Station, at Market Drayton, Shropshire, so that a knock down re-build can be carried out on the site.

The design statement supporting the planning application said the development was required to prevent any issues with the fuel storage system and to future proof the facilities on the site.

The scheme will involve complete demolition of the existing site and replacement of the underground tanks. The new 227sq m shop on the site will be double the size of the existing one and the number of full-time employees will increase from two to three with part-time roles increasing from four to seven.

The site was most recently reconfigured / extended between 1988 and 1990 when the current tanks were installed, and the design statement, prepared by Jennings Design, said: “The works are deemed necessary in order to ensure the Shell network is maintained as a sound environmental portfolio and prevent any issues with tank and infrastructure on the fuel system The application will see the inclusion of many environmental benefits some of which are currently in place with the existing facility and will seek to fully monitor the fuel system as a whole”

It added that the initial intention was to replace only the fuel storage system, but it had subsequently been identified as requiring a complete redevelopment due to age and improving technology.

It said: “As part of Shell’s continuing investments nationally it was considered the site should be enhanced to ensure future proofing of the site.”

It also revealed that the car washing facilities were no longer considered necessary.