Nisa has announced the recruitment of the Sugro Retail Group, the Cheshire-based retail symbol operator. The move will see Nisa work closely with Sugro Retail Group to develop a consolidated retail symbol strategy which will see the groups Nearbuy Stores portfolio using Nisa’s member benefits.

The decision to join Nisa will mean Sugro Retail Group can tap into the information and expertise Nisa has in the independent retail sector and help it to develop a robust full retail solution for its symbol stores.

“We’re delighted to be working with Nisa to develop and drive on our retail group offering,” said Philip Jenkins, Sugro UK’s managing director. “We considered all of the options and quickly came to the conclusion that Nisa provided, without doubt, the best opportunity for us to develop a serious, full retail solution for our symbol group retailers.”

Andrew J. Mouse, Nisa group sales director, added: “We’re excited by the opportunities presented by our partnership with Sugro. Philip and his team have a clear vision to extensively develop the businesses retail offering and can see the benefits Nisa membership can bring to that process. Buying power and breadth of range aside, we pride ourselves on our excellent support service and on the level of expertise our team possesses.”