A new, flexible, online credit card offering up to 1.6 per cent cashback and a balance transfer rate of 5.9 per cent for the life of the balance (14.9 per cent typical APR variable), has been launched by Texaco and credit card innovators Accucard, part of Create Services.

Using Accucard’s technology, the new card can be personalised to suit individual lifestyles and spending habits. The flexible online technology allows customers to adjust the interest rate, cashback rewards, annual fee, customer service options and the look of their credit card. By visiting www.texacocard.co.uk, cardholders can tailor their account to suit their individual circumstances or they can choose from three ready-made card combinations, with the option of changing the features of the card free of charge up to three times per year. Members can opt for a cashback reward of 0.8 per cent with every purchase made on the card, as well as a double bonus reward of 1.6 per cent on purchases made with the card at Texaco outlets.

Nick White, Texaco’s loyalty card manager, commented: “Thanks to its flexibility, our new card offers so much more than you would normally associate with a credit card from a petrol retailer. The Texaco credit card is designed to appeal not just to motorists looking to manage their fuel purchases, but to all types of consumers, no matter what their lifestyle or spending habits.”

Customers can also use Texaco’s recently launched WE OU customer loyalty card, in conjunction with the new credit card which offers users a 1.1 per cent points rebate on spend.