Topaz has launched a major new advertising campaign which focuses on the quality of the company’s coffee offering.

The initiative comprises an extensive radio ad campaign and the rebranding of the coffee docks of 110 of the Company’s stores. The new tag line ‘Your Coffee... as you like it’ is the focal point of the rebranding.

Topaz, which is one of the biggest coffee sellers in Ireland, now sells more than 4.2 million cups of its Fairtrade coffee every year.

Paul Candon, marketing and corporate services director of Topaz, said research shows that the company’s coffee offering is a winner with customers and they want to encourage more of them to drop in to their local Topaz and make the ‘cuppa’ that is just right for them.

“At Topaz we have a unique bean-to-cup offering, which grinds a fresh portion of quality Arabica coffee beans for each cup via the built-in grinder – ensuring the ultimate fresh coffee experience every time,” he said. “Arabica coffee beans are considered the best by most coffee aficionados and our tastings and research would support this.

“We also carry a wide range of filter coffees, including caffeine kick coffee which is an extra strength coffee, particularly useful for drivers who may be feeling a little tired. You can also add a free shot of caramel, hazelnut or vanilla to your coffee for those who like a little sweetener.”