Total is the UK’s first petrol retailer whose fuel cards can be used on the M6

Toll. The deal with Midland Expressway means drivers can use their TotalCards and Eurotrafic cards to pay when they are at the toll booths.

Stretching for 27 miles, the M6 Toll is used by nearly 45,000 drivers every working day. Those drivers can now use their Total cards as payment at the toll at no extra cost or hassle to their employer.

Meanwhile, TotalCard’s Green version has picked up the 2009 Environmental Innovation Award from the Institute of Transport Management (ITM).

TotalCard Green is a fuel card that helps businesses track and reduce the CO2 emissions of their fleets. An ITM spokesman described the card as a "hugely useful tool for fleet managers".

Finally, the Smart Fortwo Coupe Cdi Passio has been named as the winner of the 2009 Total Eco 10 MPG Marathon, which encourages smart eco-driving. The car achieved 96mpg.