Two service stations in Northern Ireland have agreed to switch to the Texaco brand, having previously sold fuel under the BP brand.

Belsize Service Station in Lisburn, County Antrim, switched this month and Lagmore Service Station in Dunmurry, Belfast, will transfer at the end of this year.

The owners of the sites, Henry and Michael Curran, said they moved to Texaco due to the strength of the Texaco brand in Northern Ireland, next day fuel deliveries and the competitive fuel package offering.

Henry Curran said: “When we made the decision to switch we wanted a supplier that could offer not just a strong brand, but also an excellent service and security of supply. It’s important that our customers can depend on us to meet their fuel needs. A reliable supply network was one of our main criteria for joining and we are reassured that Texaco can offer a 24-hour fuel delivery service.

“We have a strong relationship with Samantha Passi, our area manager, and her ongoing support was also a key factor in our decision to sign with Valero. They were the winning package for us in the end and we had no hesitation signing with them.”

Both the sites are along main routes, about 10 miles from Belfast city centre. The sites will stock all four grades ofTexaco fuel including Supreme Diesel and Supreme Unleaded and also offer customers a supermarket, deli, jet wash and on-site parking. Lagmore Service Station, which at 4,000sq ft is the larger of the two sites, has a post office as well.

Andrew Cox, Valero’s director sales and marketing, said: “We are delighted the Currans have chosen Texaco to supply fuel at both of their sites. We understand that switching to a new brand is a big decision and it’s fantastic that Texaco ticked all the boxes for Henry and Michael when they were looking to switch. We’ve had lots of success in Northern Ireland lately and I hope to see site numbers continue to grow further in the region.”

The Curran’s sites are a family-owned business that have been involved in retail for 32 years. They owned a small Costcutter business in the 1980s and over the years have grown and developed the business to the two sites they own today. The sites will receive their fuel from the nearby fuel storage terminal in Belfast.