The UK Petroleum Industry Association has announced a week-long card fraud prevention campaign in conjunction with APACS, the UK payments association. The week-long campaign, which started on November 5, was designed to act as a reminder for customers to keep their cards and PINs safe and secure at all times.

During the campaign, customers paying by card at many petrol stations throughout the UK will be handed a small device card reminding them to remain vigilant to the risks of fraud.

The advice on the card contains three simple messages: Guard your card; Sheild you PIN and Be alert. APACS figures show that since the introduction of chip and PIN, card fraud losses on the UK high street have decreased by 67%. However, fraudsters continue to try and copy the cards’ magnetic stripe details to create fake cards that can be used overseas in countries that do not have chip and PIN. There have been several high-profile cases of service stations this year that have been hit.

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